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Weick, Friedhelm. Birds of Prey of the World.

Birds of Prey of the World
Birds of Prey of the World: A Coloured Guide to Identification of all the Diurnal Species [of the] Order Falconiformes
Weick, Friedhelm in collaboration with Leslie H. Brown
Paul Parey, Hamburg
3490085183 (Hardcover)
Weick, Friedhelm (1144 color figures and 160 line drawings)
Table of Contents
Annotated bibliography
Index of scientific names, Index of German names, Index of English names
ornithology, raptors, world, identification guide
English (en), German (de), Latin (la)
From the Dust Jacket
All the world's diurnal birds of prey.
Here are shown, in 40 large-sized colour plates, including 1144 figures altogether, the New World Vultures, Secretary Birds, Ospreys; Accipitridae such as Old World Vultures, kites, hawks and eagles; and the falcons, Falconidae.
All distinctive races, adult and immature plumages, males and females, and unusual colour phases are illustrated. Distinctive field characteristics are shown by arrows. When possible, allied species are shown on the same colour plate. All specimens are painted in one position, sometimes with the wings or tail shown partly opened to display diagnostic characters. The colour plates, unique in this way, are based upon innumerable sketches made in the field, in zoos and collections, and from museum skins.
A brief tabulated text accompanying each plate gives scientific names of species and subspecies, essential measurements, field characters, and distribution, in German and English. The introductory sections, also bilingual, with 160 line drawings, give indicative keys for size, colour, shape of bills, feet, crests and tails, and a review of the genera with details of anatomical and visible distinctions. Finally, there is a comprehensive bibliography and a complete index of German and English names, with synonyms of genera.
This book is based on practical knowledge extending over more than 25 years, and its scope has been broadened and made more precise by suggestions made by the acknowledged world expert on birds of prey, Dr. Leslie H. Brown.
This coloured guide will appeal to everyone interested in birds of prey and their endangered existence, whether professional or amateur. It gives a complete key to identification, the first step towards a better understanding.
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