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If you are an author or publisher and would like to have your book reviewed for inclusion in one of my many sites, please feel free to send a review copy to:

Robbin D. Knapp
Neudorf 15
4802 Ebensee
Austria, Europe
Tel.: +43 6133 8775
Fax: +1 413 740 4788 (US)
+43 6133 20899 (Austria)
+44 870 133 1393 (UK)

Books I am interested in most at the moment are:

  • Books in English or German on the subject of biology, nature, animals, conservation for inclusion in Robb's Biology Books.
  • Books in English with examples of German loan words for inclusion in
  • Books in English with examples of Finnish loan words for inclusion in Finnish English.
  • Books in English with examples of Swahili loan words for inclusion in Swahili English.
  • More sites to come.

Book sales are almost guaranteed if used on my sites, since there is always a link to Amazon, where the customer can buy the book directly.
If the book is not available on Amazon, I will link to the publisher or author page or any page you specify.

In addition to books I also review audio and video recordings and CD-ROMs.

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